Old ideas. New insights. Timeless relevance for the church.

Studying the views and lifestyles of your forerunners in the faith can provide incredible guidance for how you live out your spiritual convictions today. In Wisdom from the Ancients, Bryan paints a vivid portrait of the first five centuries of the Christian church, packed with fascinating history and applicable insights for modern believers. As you encounter the wisdom of early Christians, you’ll be challenged to revisit the building blocks of your faith in light of ancient beliefs and spiritual practices. This book will help you reframe common evangelical ideas, including questions Christians face today, such as:

  • when it makes sense to read the Bible literally and when God’s truth shines through symbolism
  • how the beliefs and practices of early believers should inform your worship
  • whether the church should cooperate with political power or resist it

Wisdom from the Ancients reveals life-changing lessons from the early church that you can take to heart today. When you set aside your modern perspectives and approach ancient truths with an open mind, the beliefs of the early Christians will illuminate your faith in a brand-new way.