early christian 3dA Vivid Window into the World of Early Christianity:

Despite the terrible persecutions of the Roman Empire, the earliest believers stood strong and died as martyrs for the Lord Jesus. Who were they? And what gave them that amazing courage? Bryan Litfin introduces you to the heroes and heroines of the ancient church who counted the cost and drank the cup of suffering allotted to them by Christ.

“Reflections on Christian martyrdom often either exaggerate or debunk. Bryan Litfin’s book on early Christian martyrs is different. It will satisfy not only academics looking for careful documentation but also readers in general, who should appreciate it for encouraging edification as well as solid scholarship.”

Mark A. Noll, author of Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity

“This anthology of the most reliable early Christian martyr stories ought to be required reading for all disciples of Christ. It puts today’s Christian ‘witnesses’ in touch with our ancient spiritual role models, inspiring us to greater acts of faithfulness and courage. Litfin’s historical introductions offer just what we need to understand and apply these stories in the twenty-first century.”

Douglas A. Sweeney, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Professor Litfin, author of an authoritative introduction to the theology of the early Christians, now provides us with a guide to some of their lives–and deaths. Their witness was inspired by their faith in Christ’s glorious resurrection and their hope for the coming fullness of his kingdom. Do we too have this freedom, this faith, hope, and love? Inspired by this marvelous book about the friends of Jesus, let us commit ourselves anew to dying with Jesus, so as to live.”

Matthew Levering, Mundelein Seminary

“This book offers both an essential collection of martyrdom accounts and insightful introductions and notes. Litfin also provides a responsible (and readable!) martyrological status quaestionis. A timely retelling of timeless tales with power to both inform the faithful and transform their faith.”

Michael J. Svigel, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Litfin has the gift of communicating to a wide audience with informed scholarship. Here he provides fresh new translations of a number of key martyr stories and treatises from church fathers. Read Litfin’s contemporary presentations of ancient stories and learn important principles for today.”

Rex D. Butler, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

“From the Smyrnaean stadium to African arenas, the reader is led on a dramatic tour. Ever conversant with contemporary scholarship, the masterful guide of this pilgrimage engages carefully selected highlights from a wide swath of literary genres. The vivid translations make the martyr materials come alive for a new generation of readers.”

Paul Hartog, Faith Baptist Seminary

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