Edited_7199Through the years, Bryan has done a lot of interviews and commentary over the airwaves, especially for Moody Radio. Here is a sampling of his broadcasting work. He’s on the radio fairly often, so check back for more updates!

Podcast with Nicholas Noyola on Getting to Know the Church Fathers, May 12, 2021.

On Constantine, Just War, and the Christian’s Relationship to the State (July 16, 2020, Moving People Forward with Mark Elfstrand)

How the Church Has Responded to Pandemics (April 1, 2020, Chris Fabry Show)

What the Early Christians Can Teach Us About COVID-19 on Reading for a Change podcast with Drew Dyck (March 30, 2020)

Moody Radio Ken & Deb Mornings on Reformation Day (October 30, 2019, Hour 2)

Moody Radio Ken & Deb Mornings on Maundy Thursday (April 18, 2019, Hour 2)

Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand on how different denominations celebrate Christmas (December 6, 2018)

Are all sins equal? (January 26, 2017, Chris Fabry Show)

Early Christian Martyrs (March 14, 2016, Chris Fabry Show)

Observing Lent (February 10, 2016, Chris Fabry Show)

The Land and the Book” (April 25, 2015, Interview with Dr. Charlie Dyer on After Acts)

After Acts (February 10, 2015, Chris Fabry Show)

Early Christian Martyrs (December 15, 2014, Chris Fabry Show)

Why Theology in Film Matters (March 12, 2014, Chris Fabry Show)