New Book: Wisdom from the Ancients

I’m super excited to release my new book today, Wisdom from the Ancients: 30 Forgotten Lessons from the Early Church (Harvest House). In this book, I draw from the principles and beliefs of the ancient Christians (that is, the believers who lived from the time of the apostles until around AD 500) to provide insights that can guide us today. Each lesson is relatively brief. In fact, the book might make a great devotional! 

I have tried to capture each lesson in a provocative or interesting maxim. Don’t worry if some of them seem a little shocking. That’s just to catch your attention. The truth you’ll find is solid. You just have to read the book to understand what I mean. The thirty maxims are:

  1. The Cross of Christ Isn’t Enough for Salvation
  2. Weakness Is the Best Witness
  3. Often, Our Biggest Threats Look a Lot like Us
  4. It’s Okay to Be Catholic
  5. The Spirits of the Dead Should Live in Your Church
  6. There’s No Way Around It: Christianity Is for Misfits
  7. Your Pastor Deserves to Be Put on a Pedestal
  8. Christianity Created History’s First Feminists
  9. Sexual Abstinence Is a Good Idea for Christians—Yes, Including You
  10. Prayer Isn’t a Moment, It’s a Way of Life
  11. Invest in Your Library; It’s a Christian Thing
  12. Every Good Story Has Three Acts
  13. The Bible Can’t Be Taken Literally
  14. What You Say Out Loud Is What You Believe
  15. Christian Teachers Construct the Christian World
  16. Baptism Moves You into a Whole New World
  17. There’s a Lot More Flavor to the Lord’s Supper Than You Might Think
  18. Sin Is a Sickness, But Grace Is Just What the Doctor Ordered
  19. Mystical Union with God Wasn’t Invented by “Eastern Religions,” but by Jesus
  20. You Aren’t Truly Sorry Until Your Body Is Sorry
  21. Empires Are Useful Temptations
  22. God Refuses to Be a Helicopter Parent
  23. Without the Trinity, Everyone Stops Short of Heaven
  24. A Bridge Only Works When It Has Two Ends
  25. Every Church Must Have an Elevator
  26. Jesus’ Head Needs a Lot More Oil
  27. Every Christian Is a Witness, but Not Every Christian Is a Missionary
  28. It’s Better to Shoot Than to Roll
  29. The Land of Israel Is Calling to Your Feet
  30. Your Passport Has a Huge Error

Intrigued?? You can buy the book HERE. I hope you enjoy it!

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