KingdomBook 3 in the Chiveis Trilogy:

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War and disease have destroyed the modern world. Centuries later, feudal societies have arisen across Europe. No one can remember the ancient religion of Christianity—until an army captain and a farmer’s daughter discover the Sacred Writing of the one true God.

As Teo and Ana encounter the forgotten words of the holy book, they realize its message is just what their kingdom needs. Though exiled from their homeland, they join their hearts in a quest to return. But now an ancient pact has united the enemies of the Christian faith into a dark alliance that threatens to consume the known world. Racing to stay one step ahead of their enemies, Teo and Ana must battle heinous villains, stormy seas, and the powers of the underworld itself. As armies begin to mass for a final battle, the odds favor the forces of evil. Can Teo and Ana bring divine truth to Chiveis—or will the Word of God fade from the earth forever?


”Bryan Litfin combines his vivid imagination with his knowledge of theology, history, literature, geography, ancient languages, and even apothecary (!) to give us a marvelous book about ‘a mysterious book.’ The Kingdom is more than a fascinating, enjoyable, quick read; it is also a great story about The Great Story – ‘Iesus, the Pierced One’and his past, present, and future church. Three cheers for this final volume in the trilogy!”
– Douglas Sean O’Donnell, Queensland Theological College, Brisbane, Australia; author, The Beginning and End of Wisdom

”In the darkness of Chiveis, where hope is a rare commodity, some dare to believe the promises of the sacred text. The adventure that follows not only grips your imagination, it also enriches your faith.”
– Chris Castaldo, Senior Pastor, New Covenant Church, Naperville, Illinois; author, Holy Ground

”The Chiveis Trilogy concludes with yet another page-turner, full of action, adventure, suspense, intrigue, and inspiration. Litfin’s deep love for Scripture, reflected in his characters’ passionate pursuit of the Sacred Writings, can’t help but challenge and inspire readers to treasure their own Bibles and read them more often!”
– Christin Ditchfield, conference speaker; syndicated radio host, Take It To Heart, author, A Family Guide to Narnia

”Bryan Litfin’s writing is colorful, witty, and engaging. The story of Chiveis is compelling and rich. The beautiful gospel themes constantly remind me of the wonder of the True God and the power of his Word. This last installment of the Chiveis Trilogy concludes the adventures of Teo and Ana with heart racing and mind stirring pace and resolution. This is indeed the work of an artist and theologian.”
– Jay Thomas, Senior Pastor, Chapel Hill Bible Church, Chapel Hill, NC

”The climatic conclusion of Bryan Litfin’s Chiveis Trilogy does not disappoint. With his mastery of language, Litfin brings to life the struggles of Teo and Ana as they reintroduce God to a post-apocalyptic world that has forgotten Him. The cunning and captivating plot is layered with deep currents of real everyday Christian struggles. It is a thrilling novel that captured my imagination and challenged my soul.”
– Jason Hubbard MD, FAANS, FACS, Neurosurgeon

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15 thoughts on “The Kingdom

  1. Is there a box set of The Chives Trilogy? If so id like to purchase it, if not id like to purchase all three!

  2. Any plans to rerelease this awesome series? It would be ashamed to leave this jewel of a series to be forgotten.

      1. Awesome can’t wait hope the audio books are re-released to want to share with people who won’t read.

    1. It’s not yet out, but it will be soon. Physical copies only, but still, you can read it! Sorry for the delay. I will post an announcement on the landing page of my website. Thanks for being a faithful reader!!

  3. Thanks for checking back. Just a few more days, I am swamped with a new job that I have as a professor at a new university. But I promise, the republication is in the works!

  4. I love your books! They are full of action, yet have the Gospel in them as well! As a suggestion, you should make more books like that!

    1. thanks for saying so! I just re-released The Chiveis Trilogy on Amazon after it went out of print for a time. You can find links on my home page. You will also like my Constantine’s Empire trilogy, set in the time of the ancient church. Those three books are The Conqueror, Every Knee Shall Bow, and Caesar’s Lord. Lots of great action, adventure, romance, and gospel truth in those, too. You can find them on Amazon. Enjoy!

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