“Theologian and scholar Bryan Litfin has accomplished a rare feat—he has fashioned a land and time unique to any reader’s experience.”
Jerry B. Jenkins, author, The Left Behind Series

“Some fiction is mere entertainment and some fiction is like a mirror in which we see ourselves and our world reflected in challenging and instructive ways. The Sword is a mirror of who we are at the core and what we struggle with in our non-fiction lives. Don’t miss this one. It is a compelling read that is well beyond mere entertainment.”
Joseph M. Stowell, President, Cornerstone University

“Ever wonder about a world with an ‘almost-absence’ of God? Theologian turned ‘futurist’ Bryan Litfin provides us a compelling tale of the endurance of God’s amazing love—even to a distant remnant. Get your mind around The Sword. It could be the start of something big.”
Mark Elfstrand, Host of “Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand,” AM1160